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In his practice as a creditors' rights attorney, Mr. Lombardo takes a pro-active approach to assisting clients in the protection of rights against debtors.  Mr. Lombardo regularly represents creditors in claims filed in proceedings commenced in Bankruptcy Court not only in the Buffalo, New York area but also as Pro Hac Vice counsel in other jurisdictions overseeing the prosecution or defense of proceedings in various venues, including participation in meetings of creditors, conducting evaluations of and objecting to plans filed under Chapter 13 and Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code, seeking relief from the automatic stay, pursuing challenges to a debtor’s discharge, and defending against preferential transfer claims.

Relevant Experience

Oversees litigation in the United States in various venues on behalf of a multinational corporation.

Actively participated in several related Chapter 11 proceedings on behalf of an insurance company resulting in the conviction of a debtor for Bankruptcy fraud.

Assisted clients in the acquisition of assets from in both Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 cases.

Co-counsel to an insurance company to further secure its position and collateralize its claim with respect to construction project bonds.

Successfully opposed an application by a lender providing Chapter 11 financing against a super priority lien adversely affecting a warehouseman lien.

Negotiated successful settlements on behalf of various clients in connection with preferential transfer claims, including the vacatur of a judgment taken by a Chapter 7 Trustee followed by a favorable settlement of the claim.

Obtained the dismissal of a preferential transfer claim initiated against a foreign creditor based on jurisdictional grounds.

Successfully obtained orders converting proceedings initiated under Chapter 11 to cases under Chapter 7

Acted as local counsel to a large labor union challenging the procedure established for the sale of assets in a Chapter 11 proceeding.

Obtained a judgment, following a trial and appeal, dismissing a claim filed against a company that had conducted business with the debtor prior to the filing of a Chapter 11 proceeding.

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