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In his practice as a real estate attorney, Mr. Lombardo represents and counsels owners, sellers, buyers, landlords, tenants, developers, borrowers, and lenders in all aspects of real property matters, including residential and commercial real estate acquisition and financing, residential and commercial leasing, commercial property development, industrial development agency projects, and mortgage foreclosures.  Mr. Lombardo has represented clients not only in the Buffalo, New York area, but in various other parts of New York State involving all types of properties.    

Mr. Lombardo is past Chairman of the Real Property Law Committee of the Erie County (New York) Bar Association and an active member of its Contract Revision Subcommittee responsible for establishing the local standard form of residential real estate contract, as most recently revised, used by Realtors and local attorneys in residential real estate transactions.  Mr. Lombardo has also provided assistance in connection with the re-writing of the standard Note and Mortgage approved for use in residential real estate transactions in Erie County, New York.

Mr. Lombardo was instrumental in developing a method with the Clerk of the County of Erie, New York for the first ever filing of a document in digital format.

Relevant Experience

Structured, negotiated, administered and closed a contract for the purchase of commercial property on behalf of a tenant-purchaser from a Chapter 11 Debtor in Possession landlord-seller involving the exercise of a right of first refusal and option contained in a Lease, including successfully repelling a challenge by the Debtor to the rights under the Lease through threats of rejection of the Lease and threats to conduct a Bankruptcy auction of the property, and assisting the Debtor with the preparation of substantial portions of the application to the Bankruptcy Court that resulted in approval of the application for the structured transaction.

Successfully closed transactions involving the Erie County Industrial Development Agency, 
County of Monroe Industrial Development Agency and several local Industrial Development Agencies, including new projects, additions and renovations to existing buildings within a project.

Counsel to a group of companies including multi-national corporations in the development of an environmentally remediated landfill site, including preparation of restrictive covenants, establishing a procedure and preparing necessary documents for the sale of the site parcels without requiring the group of corporations to take title to the parcels, and clearing title problems to make the parcels ready for sale.

Negotiated leases for a number of facilities for a multinational corporation.

Coordinated a purchaser's acquisition of properties in several states from a large national waste disposal company.

Assisted a purchaser in the acquisition of a parcel of land for residential development in a manner that would enable the future development of the real estate without having to obtain subdivision approval.

Structured the sale of properties owned by separate entities to enable a sale of all parcels to a single purchaser dealing with a single seller in a manner so as to avoid potential claims of transfers in defraud of creditors.

Represented a major local bank in connection with a complex restructure of a transaction to overcome a construction error that would have resulted in a loss of collateral

Successfully completed foreclosures of both residential and commercial real estate.

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