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In his practice as an estate planning attorney, Mr. Lombardo assists clients with developing an estate plan and prepares the documents necessary to implement the plan, including Wills, Health Care Proxies, Powers of Attorney and trusts. Mr. Lombardo has experience in all aspects of the administration of estates and trusts of various sizes, including commencement of probate proceedings, preparation of federal and state estate tax returns, income tax returns (individual and fiduciary), federal and state lien release applications, and fiduciary accountings.  Mr. Lombardo has acted as local counsel to estates of decedents domiciled in other states but who may have had assets to be administered in the Buffalo, New York area.

Relevant Experience

Successfuly petitioned Surrogate's Court for the reformation of a credit shelter trust contained in a Will prepared by another law firm in order for the trust to satisfy the requirements of the Internal Revenue Code and related tax regulations and qualify as a Quaified Subchapter S Trust resulting in a substantial overall income tax savings.

Developed and successfully implemented estate plans for spouses using multiple trusts to minimize estate taxes in both estates.

Prepared trust instruments and oversaw the funding of trusts to avoid potential issues at time of probate.

Commenced probate and administration proceedings for estates of all sizes.

Oversaw the administration of a complex $10Million estate, having assets in several states,without an estate tax audit.

Provided a second opinion to an executor of a complex estate and developed a solution to overcome serious issues with the estate administration.

Successfully litigated on behalf of an estate the issue of ownership of bank accounts registered in multiple names.

Responsible for preparation, filing and pursuing a claim in Surrogate's Court resulting in recovery by the claimant.

Represented an executor in the successful challenge to a claim filed by a beneficiary against the estate.

Successfully filed a renunciation of an interest in an estate prior to probate of the Will.

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